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Principal's Message

Hello Cordes Families,


Welcome to the “Cheetah Chatter”, the official name of our school’s newsletter! This is our 1st newsletter of the year and the first newsletter in our school’s history. Please establish a routine of looking for, and reading, our newsletter on a bi-monthly basis. The Cheetah Chatter will be delivered to you via email on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month. Additionally, it we be uploaded to our school website. The Cheetah Chatter will be our best source of school-wide information so, again, please get into the habit of reading it regularly. My principal’s message will contain an introduction followed by bulleted updates of key school related information. The rest of the newsletter will provide information with further key school related information.


The Start of School – I am very happy to report that our brand new school is off to an excellent start! The feedback I’ve received from our staff, students and parents has been very positive. I’d like to thank our staff for working so hard to ensure we had a positive start to our year! I’d like to thank our students, who have engaged quickly and thoroughly with their learning. Way to be FAST Cheetahs! I’d also like to thank our parents, who’ve been very supportive of their children and our staff as well as understanding and flexibility regarding the challenges we’re working through as a new school! Our Cordes Family is already inspiring lots of Cheetah Pride!


MAP Testing – We just completed our 1st round of MAP Testing this week in grades 3-8. MAP Testing is an assessment that our students in grades 3-8 take 3 times a year. MAP assesses students in key standard areas in their grade in English, Language Arts and Math. The goal is for our students to increase their scores each time they take the test which demonstrates academic growth. There are still some students who need to finish the test, therefore we are creating a plan for makeup testing that should occur next week. Here’s to posting high scores as a school during our 1st round of MAP testing!


Cordes Parent Teacher Association – I spoke last night in my Back to School Night presentation about the importance of building a vibrant and thriving parent group/CPTA. I also asked for parents to partner with me to help us build this vitally important organization. If you are interested in helping us to build something great, please contact me via email; , or by phone at (209) 836-7270. I look forward to connecting with you and to build a great CPTA!


Textbook/Consumable Materials Pick-ups – Next week we will be distributing textbooks and other consumable materials to our students at all grade levels. The pick-up days are as follows:

K-1st Grade – Wednesday, 8/26

6th-8th Grade – Thursday, 8/27

3rd-5th Grade – Friday, 8/28


Please look for a more detailed plan to be communicated to you via email this coming Monday.


Back to School Night – A big thank you goes out to everyone who attended our Back to School Night last night! Based on my observations and the feedback I’ve received, our 1st ever Back to School Night was a huge success! Also, a big thank you goes out to our teachers as they did an outstanding job with their presentation! Well done everyone!


Speaking of Back to School Night, many parts of my presentation last night are included in the rest of this newsletter for your reference. OK Cheetahs – that’s a wrap for now! We’ll see you again in the next edition of Cheetah Chatter!




James Yeager